How to choose a wig from natural hair

How to choose a wig from natural hair
Women love to change their image, a new hairstyle, haircut or hair color make you feel a little different. You can experiment with your hair as much as you like, but the condition of the curls in the end will not please you. It's time to think about buying a wig, thanks to which you can create a new image or hide flaws.

The advantage of a wig made from natural hair is the natural appearance and beauty. Such wigs are made of hair girls европейского, азиатского и славянского типа внешности. На основании этого волосы отличаются по степени мягкости и цвету. Волосы славянского типа в основном идут светлых оттенков, они мягкие, чего нельзя сказать об азиатских, которые более жесткие и имеют темный цвет.

If you are the owner of a light skin of a cold pale color, wigs of ashy colors, tones of red and light-brown color, black hair are best for you. Golden skin can be emphasized with red and light hues. If you tend to irritations and inflammations of the skin, it is recommended to choose chestnut or light brown shades. To visually reduce your age, pick up a wig of warm golden hue. For maximum naturalness, it is better to choose a shade that is closer to the natural color of your natural hair.

Now you need to determine the shape of your face, you need to open your face completely. Remove the bangs and clip them with hairpins or put on a bezel. Then determine your type of face, thanks to the correctly selected wig you can emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. Ladies with an oval face should choose a wig with a classic part in the center with long hair. Short curly hair is also able to emphasize the shape of the face.

Women with a round face are advised to stop choosing a wig with a short haircut and hair, elongated on the sides. Do not lay your hair high, avoid perfectly straight strands, they only emphasize the roundness of the face. Girls with a square type of face should choose a wig that emphasizes cheekbones, with oblique cuts and wavy curls. Lush hair around the cheekbones and ears can change the proportions of your face, making it more round.

Smooth and short wigs can soften large facial features, and small curls and curls emphasize the face with imperceptible and small features. An asymmetrical bang can visually change the low forehead. If you are the owner of a large nose, draw attention to the curls or curls near the cheeks. A voluminous and magnificent hairdo will reduce the visually long nose.

In general, the shape of the hairstyle and the length of the hair should be selected according to your physique, type of face and other individual traits. To select a wig, it is advisable to contact a specialized salon in which the selection and sale natural wigs are carried out by an experienced specialist. The master will offer you several options for a new hairstyle, taking into account the wishes and features of the exterior. In the salon will also give valuable advice and tips for the care and storage of the wig. By trying a few different options, you will certainly find the best.

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