How to choose a wig from natural hair

How to choose a wig from natural hair
Beautiful hair cause delight, but they require special care and grow long. Wigs from natural curls give the opportunity to have beautiful well-groomed hair always, regardless of what nature has awarded. In addition, you can constantly change the image – color, length, hairstyle.

So, when buying a natural wig, you need to be careful and pay attention to some details. The wig should be soft, light and look natural. The basis on which to attach hair – the most comfortable for the head. In addition, it should not be integral, but tailored from the bands of rubber bands that allow air to penetrate to the scalp.

It is very important that hair хорошо были прикреплены к основе, иначе парик может быстро «облысеть». Не бойтесь немножко их подергать, проверяя качество. Ни один волосок не должен вытянуться. Также важным элементом парика является пробор. Чем естественнее он выглядит, тем лучше.

The wig should sit perfectly on your head. To adjust the size use special Velcro and elastic. It is best to use a wig if you do not buy it ready, and order it specially for yourself.

The wig should be of high quality and fit you according to color, pattern and length of hair. To do this, it is better not to rely on the opinions of sellers or girlfriends, but to turn to a professional stylist. Such a person will choose exactly what suits your image and appearance, will follow the quality. He will also help with the purchase of tools and tools to care for him.

Keep the wig on a special blank or ordinary jar. Wash it with cold water, blow dry in a cold mode. After that hair need to be stacked. You can do on them curling, repainting, straightening, as usual, but in order for it to last longer, do not abuse it.

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