How to choose a tonic for the face

How to choose a tonic for the face
Tonic is a liquid remover that removes the remains of cosmetics, a refreshing face that maintains a natural pH balance. Choose a toner depending on the type of skin and its condition. The necessary funds can be found in beauty shops, pharmacies and even supermarkets.

Determine the type of your skin. You can buy a tonic of the same brand as the rest of the cosmetics, or choose a remedy from another ruler. Please note that even a very good product can not solve all the problems. Cosmeticians are advised to have in the arsenal several vials, for example, softening, matting and refreshing remedies, and use them depending on the season and skin condition.

For dry type, tonics without alcohol, based on thermal water or flower hydrolyte, are suitable. These products can be enriched with natural oils that intensively soften the face. Tonics on a water basis with a small amount of oil well remove the remains of cosmetics, without drying the skin.

Scaly, prone to irritation face need funds with medicinal supplements. Note the tonic containing panthenol, allantoin, emollients, herbal extracts. Very dry skin will help restore the remedy with the addition of glycerin and urea. These components help to retain moisture in the skin. Such funds are especially useful in the cold season.

Normal skin needs tonics that effectively remove dead cells and a refreshing face. Pay attention to the means with fruit acids. They act as a very light peeling, dissolving all contaminants and reducing pores. This unpleasant feeling of tightness is not observed. Useful tools with a vitamin complex that provides a fresh complexion.

Mature skin needs very soft means that can cleanse the face, tone up and slightly tighten it. Suitable preparations with a high content of hyaluronic acid, actively renewing cells and deeply moisturizing the skin. Tonic with retinol and vitamin E, neutralizing the negative impact of the environment, are useful.

Oily or prone to inflammation of the skin requires tonics that can delicately clean the face without provoking excessive sebum secretion. Such products may contain mineral powder, natural antiseptics, herbal extracts and essential oils. Tonics for oily skin often contain a small amount of alcohol. For problem areas there are special strong agents with salicylic, glycolic or lactic acid. Such means should be used very carefully, treating only the affected areas.

Choosing a tonic, pay attention to the fragrance and lack of color. Pungent smells can irritate and even cause an allergic reaction. Variants with a thin, rapidly disappearing aroma are preferred. If possible, use the tester, so you can evaluate the reaction of your skin.

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