How to choose a tonal base in the store

How to choose a tonal base in the store
The tonal basis is that without which any make-up will look on the face, as something alien. With its help, you can visually align the shade, give a radiance or dullness, highlight the dull and tired skin.

Going to the store, do not apply any toning on the skin – you need to test the tonal basis on clean skin. First of all, determine who owns what type of skin you are. There are the following types: dry, normal, combined, bold, and also separate it is necessary to allocate problem and age skin.

Types of skin, brief characteristics of tonal bases


As a rule, thin, sensitive enough. For this type are characterized by tightness, the appearance of peeling, creases in the places of active work of mimicry.

For this type of skin should choose a moisturizing basis with the addition of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamin E, natural oils. Suitable textures of cream, gel, fluid. You can use the means with the effect of radiance, with the addition of light-reflecting particles.


Dense, prone to the appearance of shine in a short time, is often also problematic because of the clogging of pores.

Owners of oily skin type should choose lightweight, weightless textures without the addition of oils and fats. On the packaging must be marked oil-free, non comedogenic – this means that the product is fat-free and does not clog pores. The composition can contain salicylic acid, tea tree extract. The texture should be light, better, gel-like. If a more dense coating is needed, matting means marked mattifying or matt can be selected.


Has no disadvantages, characteristic for the first two types, during the day feels comfortable, does not need a strong correction.

For normal skin, light toning means, such as BB, a moisturizing cream with a toning effect or a gel, are suitable. The composition can contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, fruit extracts. You can also pay attention to textures with reflective particles.


It combines the characteristics of fat (in the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin) and dry / normal (cheek zone).

If the T-zone is not prone to strong fat content, it is better to use the tone for the normal type, simply by dusting the areas on which shine appears during the day. But if the fat content of the T-zone is high, and the skin on the cheeks is dry enough at the same time, it is better to use different texture of the funds corresponding to a specific area of ??the face.


Has deficiencies in the form of inflammation (external or subcutaneous), black spots, dilated pores. Often oily or combination.

For this type of skin is not recommended daily use of a toning agent, tk. this will complicate the treatment. If on some days you can not do without applying makeup, give preference to the bases containing the following components: tea tree oil, salicylic acid, allantoin, zinc oxide, kaolin. Correct the point defects better with a pigmented concealer, which also has antibacterial and drying substances.


For this type can be characterized by the following features: loss of tonus, fuzzy face contour (due to low turgor), enlarged pores, creases in places of active facial expressions, crow's feet and deep wrinkles.

For aging skin, it is necessary to choose light textures that lie in a thin, inconspicuous layer. dense tone will add age and focus on the shortcomings. Perfectly suitable moisturizers or with the mark anti-age. Podton means must be pearly pinkish – this will illuminate the skin and refresh the appearance.

Universal Tips

Density of the agent

For everyday use, choose bases with light or medium coverage, pinpoint imperfections and color imperfections, corrected locally with concealer, corrector or colored makeup bases.

Dense bases are suitable for filming, photo sessions, work on stage.

Release Format

Tuba, a bottle with a pomp, a pipette, a stick, a jar with an unscrewing lid – it's all a matter of taste. Every woman chooses what is convenient for her. Sometimes the release format depends on the texture and purpose of the remedy, in this case it is necessary to focus on the type of skin and the specific need.


To try a foundation is necessary on the neck, since our task is not just to level the tone, but also to look natural. To do this, it is necessary that the shades of skin on the face and neck merge into a single whole.


It is better to choose the means containing hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic components in the composition. Pay attention to the basis of the product – water, oil or silicone. The latter very well aligns the texture, but is not recommended for everyday use, because hinders the breathing of the skin and can be comedogenic. The water base is excellent for oily and combination skin, but oil will give dry skin comfort and relieve the feeling of tightness.

If on your skin periodically there are peeling (which happens not only with owners of dry type), it is better to check the tonal remedy in these areas. Different bases behave differently – some emphasize peeling, others, on the contrary, they are perfectly concealed and leveled.

And never forget about the factor of protection from the sun – it is necessary all year round, even if you do not live on the sunny sea coast. At least one tool in your care must contain at least 15 SPF.

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