How to choose a tattoo parlor

How to choose a tattoo parlor
Искусство tattoo recently acquired immense popularity and almost a second birth. And if you firmly decided to decorate your skin with some beautiful and symbolic design, then refer to the choice of tattoo-salon with all possible responsibility.

Помните, что тату–салон должен включать как минимум две комнаты, одна из которых служит приемной, а другая — процедурным кабинетом. Ни в коем случае не соглашайтесь на операцию в салоне, у которого все происходит в одном помещении.

The reception room should be clean and pleasant. This is where communication with a potential client takes place. Here you should offer catalogs of drawings and a portfolio of artists who work in the studio. Certificates and various documents should also be placed in the reception area salon. Remember that the studio without certification and permission should cause you to fear.

In room salon no smoking. If you find a trail in the cabin that alcohol is consumed here or drugs during work, then immediately refuse the services of such salon. There is no need to take risks, letting the drunkard work with his skin.

Процедурный кабинет должен быть абсолютно чистым и стерильным, как операционная в больнице. Если перед входом в кабинет вам не предложили надеть халат ил тапочки, то еще раз подумайте перед тем, как позволить мастеру работать.

All tools that the wizard uses during application tattoo, should be disposable and sterile. All other items, such as furniture, power supplies, lighting objects, should be wrapped around the film to avoid contamination.

Ask that all tools are opened by the master with you. Machines for performing tattoo disposable are not, but remember that after each client they should be sterile. Do not hesitate to ask questions about cleanliness and safety – you are risking your own health.

Do not trust an inexperienced and unprofessional master. Remember that every specialist should have a portfolio – if he does not, then do not take risks, rather give up his services. Carefully study all of his previous work – if they are done carelessly, the lines are uneven and blurry, then find another specialist.

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