How to choose a sun cream

How to choose a sun cream
A healthy and moderate tan is always beautiful. However, excessive exposure to sunlight on the skin, too long or intense, is undesirable, and sometimes dangerous. Before you stay on the sun it is necessary to use a cream that should be chosen depending on your skin type.

What is SPF

На каждом средстве указывается фактор SPF (или УФ-фактор). Это степень защиты от ультрафиолета: чем больше число, тем сильнее средство. Максимальное значение — 70. Но в реальности все кремы защищают не более чем на 30. Так что нет смысла тратится на средства с SPF выше.

SPF 20-30: high degree of protection

Without such a cream on the beach can not do people with Celtic phototype. They are distinguished by light blue or gray eyes, red or light blonde hair, white or pink skin, often with the presence of freckles. If you belong to this type, to protect, especially on the first days of vacation, choose the maximum SPF 30, and when a little tan, you can reduce it to 25.

SPF 15-24: medium protection

People with a Nordic phototype need a slightly lower degree of protection. They are brown-haired and dark-eyed. Their skin, as a rule, has a milky color, there can be freckles. In the first days in the sun, people of this type are recommended to use a factor of at least 24. When the skin gets used to the sun, the factor can be gradually reduced.

SPF 5-14: low protection

The minimum level of protection can be afforded by representatives of Central European and Mediterranean phototypes. They have dark skin, dark hair and dark or green eyes. First, they need a cream with SPF 14, and then with SPF 10. But even without a cream, even they can not be in the sun.


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