How to choose a suitable gel for washing

How to choose a suitable gel for washing
In order for the skin to be beautiful and healthy, it must be cleaned daily. It is not enough to rinse your face with water. To wash it is necessary with the help of a special gel, and on its choice the appearance of a woman largely depends.

Для того чтобы подобрать подходящий гель для умывания, в первую очередь определите тип вашей кожи. На этикетке каждого косметического средства указано, для какого типа оно предназначено. Самое мягкое средство, подходящее даже сухой коже, – гель-мусс. С его помощью можно снять макияж, а также деликатно убрать загрязнения. Использовать мусс необходимо ежедневно утром и вечером. Нормальную кожу рекомендуется очищать косметическими средствами на основе мыльного корня. Они эффективно удаляют загрязнения, не раздражая и не пересушивая кожу.

If you need a deep cleansing, choose a gel-scrub. The intensity of its effect on the skin is estimated by the quantitative content of abrasive particles in it. If they are not so much in the gel, then it will gently cleanse the skin of the face. This means for washing is perfect for daily use. For intensive skin treatment, get a gel with a high content of abrasive. But do not use it more than once or twice a week. However, if your skin is prone to acne or any other irritations, the gel-scrub does not suit her.

Before buying a product for washing, read the label. Pay attention to the ingredients that are included in its composition. Do not buy a gel that contains parabens. And remember, the first two substances listed in the list are the main components.

Before buying, smell the gel. A sharp smell indicates that this remedy can cause skin irritation.

Buy cosmetics in specialized stores, in which there are testers. When choosing a gel, rub a small amount between the fingers. So you can see the amount of foam. You can also ask for a sample from a store consultant. At home, you will test the remedy and find out if it is suitable for your skin.

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