How to choose a shampoo

How to choose a shampoo
Properly selected shampoo affects not only the beauty, but also the health of the hair. Well-groomed hair attracts attention and is placed towards the person. They are one of the main elements of the style. The cosmetic industry currently offers us a huge variety of shampoos, we have plenty to choose from. But before you choose a shampoo, you need to carefully study its label.

Determine your type of hair and scalp. Carefully read the information on the shampoo pack, there should be indicated, for what kind of hair it is intended. Choose a shampoo strictly according to the type of hair, otherwise you can not only not get the desired result, but also harm them. Avoid "universal" and "family" shampoos. Neither packing, nor color, nor the density, nor the smell of shampoo are indicative of its quality. All this is aimed at increasing sales and more enjoyable use of this product. Good shampoos either do not smell at all or have an interesting flavor unlike others. The color is white or transparent.

Pay attention to the structure of your hair. Choose the purpose of shampoo should be based on what effect you want to get after applying it: smooth and shine your hair, restore damaged ends, get rid of dandruff, or strengthen and extend the rich color of the stain. The choice is very great. In the summer, choose a shampoo with a UV filter. This will save the hair from overdrying in the heat.

Most shampoos contain surfactants, which can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if you are addicted to allergies, choose natural shampoos with a more gentle and light formula and the lowest content of flavors and dyes. Such a tool is seemingly less dense, with a faint smell, transparent. The content of additives in it is minimized. Shampoos completely without sulfates can be found only in specialized stores of natural cosmetics and homeopathic pharmacies.

In shampoo should be present keratin, elastin, lanolin or collagen, restoring the structure of hair, as well as natural ingredients. Observe the direction in which the hair will change after applying the shampoo. With a positive effect, you will see that they are well washed, they are free of grease and dirt, the dried hair shines, it is easy to comb, and on the scalp there is no irritation.

Look at the pH of the shampoo. The normal pH value on the surface of the skin is approximately 4,2-5,6. Means with a pH level greater than 7 is best not to buy. About increased pH can be judged after washing: the hair becomes rough, they can not be smoothed by hands.

Useful for hair will be the following supplements: vitamin B – helps to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, vitamin C – makes the hair stronger, glucosyl – helps strengthen hair, and nourishes them, lipids – mineral and organic oils used to soften hair.

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