How to choose a shampoo with conditioner

How to choose a shampoo with conditioner
Shampoos «2 in 1» are created specially for those who want to save time and simplify hair care. Manufacturers promise a quick effect from their use, and buyers are lost in front of store shelves, crowded with various bottles, wondering which one to choose. In fact, the main secret of a quality product is in its formulation.

A good shampoo with conditioner ("2 in 1") can be determined on three grounds. First, washed hair is easy to comb. Secondly, in any state they are soft to the touch and have a silky shine. Thirdly, the hair does not become electrified, but it does not hang with locks heavier than excess nutrients. The volume of hair in the wet state increases slightly.

Similar remedies, as well as usual shampoos, consist on 80% of water. In addition, they include surfactants, which provide a cleaning effect. A feature of shampoos, combining two qualities, is the presence of air conditioners, cationic polymers or silicones in them. The conditioner, enveloping each hair with a protective film, smooths the upper scaly layer.

Conditioners, as part of 2 in 1, are used to neutralize the alkaline effect of detergent components contained in any shampoo, as well as moisturizing, giving the hair softness, volume, shine and elasticity. They contribute to the restoration of damaged hair, protect them from negative external influences, chemicals, heat and facilitate the process of creating hair.

The most popular are silicone additives. Most often their names end in –methicon, for example dimethicone or cyclomethicone. Distributed along the surface of the hair, they form a protective film, giving hair shine. As a result, hair becomes silky, shiny and soft, they are much less tangled and easier to comb.

Included in the shampoo "2 in 1", protein conditioners, restore damaged, exposed hair. Hair on 93% consist of protein, and some types of vegetable proteins can penetrate into the hair shaft, filling damaged areas. Thanks to this, hair is restored, gain strength, elasticity, volume and shine. The most popular protein conditioning additive is hydrolyzed keratin.

For dry hair, moisturizers are needed, capable of attracting the necessary moisture to the hair. The composition of such products, as a rule, includes glycerin, plant extracts, sorbitol, panthenol, propylene glycol.

Shampoo with air conditioning, which includes additives of ultraviolet filters, can protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun. Thermal protectors are represented by polymers absorbing heat and distributing it along the entire length of the hair. This helps to protect hair from thermal damage when drying with a hair dryer or using thermal hair, plaques and hair iron. such means have in their name a prefix "thermo-".

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