How to choose a shampoo for your hair

How to choose a shampoo for your hair
Often there are difficulties in choosing a shampoo among the huge number of species on the shelves of stores and all kinds of advertisements. Hair for a woman – this is the main decoration, so the approach to the choice of shampoo should be responsible.

The most important thing when choosingdetermine the type of hair (dry or fatty), identify the problem (cutting ends, hair loss, dandruff and others).Having determined this, we narrow the circle of what is suitable for us.

The next step – We read carefully the composition of the shampoo. Any shampoo consists of water, a foaming agent, a detergent and ingredients that are suitable for a particular type of hair.

The composition of the shampoo is almost the same and it does not depend on the price and the manufacturer.

Today it became fashionable to use bezulfate shampoos. Since someone decided that sodium sulfate is very harmful to the scalp and is dangerous to the human body. During the time that the head is washed, sulfate can not harm the body, it acts only with prolonged contact. Therefore, do not be afraid of shampoos, which includes sulphate. They just need to be washed off well.

In the market of shampoos are actual types, which are made on a soap base. Such shampoos practically do not foam, so the head should be washed 2-4 times in a row. They cleans the hair well, making it longer to stay shiny, clean and beautiful.

A lot of manufacturers today produce natural or, as it is called, organic shampoo. If to be completely honest, then shampoo can not consist only of organic substances, since they can not cope with the main task of shampoos – hair cleansing. Moreover, organic substances can act as allergens.

It must be remembered that the composition contains substances in descending order. The first place is occupied by the one whose concentration is the most in shampoos.

If you use an unfamiliar shampoo, you may experience various problems, such as itching or dryness. This does not mean that the shampoo or the manufacturer is bad. This simply indicates that this shampoo is not suitable and it is worth trying something else.

It happens that the favorite shampoo stopped coming. Do not worry! It's just that the body has got used and saturated, so it gives such a "signal" that it's time to change the used remedy.

And most importantly, it is worth remembering that shampoo is suitable for everyone individually!

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