How to choose a shampoo for colored hair

How to choose a shampoo for colored hair
The structure of the dyed hair is artificially altered. Such hair is more sensitive to physical influences and requires careful care, which can not always be provided by specialized shampoos.

Shampoos and balms of well-known companies are very popular. They, as a rule, are of high quality, which directly affects their cost. It should be noted that many hairdressers recommend washing their hair with normal shampoos, considering their hair type.

The composition of shampoos for colored hair is rarely different from what is written on the packaging of ordinary shampoos. By and large, this is a marketing move. Many women, having tested the advertised product for colored hair, remain unhappy and return to the usual, justified themselves means for "normal hair". In some cases, such remedies can preserve the artificial color of the hair, but at the same time they spoil the hair, which few can please. This is because a significant part of the components of such shampoos affects the hair structure aggressively enough. To choose a good remedy for colored or natural hair, it's enough just to carefully study the label.

Always pay attention to whether the film-forming agent is present in the composition. To this group of substances carry keratin, silk, gluten of wheat. Film-forming agents can protect damaged hair and even nourish them a little, besides they are capable for a certain time to save hair from washing out the dye. However, one should not trust the promises to completely restore the structure of the hair, such a means only have a temporary effect.

If you want to keep the new hair color longer, just try to wash your hair less often. Sometimes women use color shampoos to conserve color, this is one way to keep the hair shiny and bright, but, unfortunately, the regular use of such remedies affects the condition of the head of hair in a bad way.

It should be remembered that shampoo is just a detergent. He is not able to completely strengthen, restore, alter or nourish the structure of the hair, because they are dead along their entire length. The living part of the hair is their roots, which are quite deep in the scalp, the shampoo can not affect the bulbs (roots), because it simply does not have the right substances. Any shampoo has only a short-term, transient effect.

Perhaps, one of the few factors (besides the presence of a film former), which is worth paying attention to, is the softness of the composition. Usually this is separately indicated on the label. If you are not sure which shampoo to choose, consult your hairdresser, most likely he will tell you the suitable for your type of hair remedy.

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