How to choose a shade of foundation

How to choose a shade of foundation
The tonal cream is intended to correct the flaws of the facial skin, giving a radiance and natural make-up. However, the incorrectly chosen color of the cosmetic product will easily spoil even the most perfect make-up.

To not be mistaken with the color of the tonal cream, resort to help Testers and samplers. Apply them on the outer side of the palm, on the cheekbone, chin or neck. Carefully take a closer look at the combination of the shade of the cosmetic with your natural skin color. Test in daylight. The main thing is that there should be no noticeable transitions when shading a tonal cream, чтобы он идеально совпадал с цветом кожи, был практически невидим. Так вы избежите главной ошибки в использовании основы макияжа несовпадающих с кожей оттенков – при плотном нанесении слишком светлого или темного средства появляется «эффект штукатурки».

If possible, buy immediately two close shades of the same brand – lighter and slightly darker. Mixing them, you are in domestic conditions pick the right color. To achieve an ideal match, you can use a yellow corrector or golden powder (because in tonal creamx this dye is in most cases absent). If you learn to dilute and bring a foundation to a suitable shade of your own, then in the future you will not find it difficult to apply small tricks such as removing bruises under the eyes of a lighter base or adjusting the contour of the face with the same tonal cream, but more saturated color.

For evening make-up, the tonal basis looks slightly darker than the natural face tone, for daytime – it's lighter than your natural shade. And do not forget about the boundaries of applying cosmetic products – they should be absolutely smoothed, so that you do not look like a mask.

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