How to choose a set for manicure

How to choose a set for manicure
The hands of a woman need special care and care, so manicure becomes an obligatory procedure that must be carried out regularly. But you can not afford to visit the salon at least once every two weeks, often there is not enough time for this. Fortunately, in the store you can choose set for manicure practically professional quality, to do this procedure at home.

Price of manicure setbut is determined by the quality of the instruments included in it, and by their quantity. On quality it is better not to save – these tools can be used for a very long time, and their cutting edges do not have to be undermined. In addition, quality tools, as a rule, have a comfortable, ergonomic shape, lie well in the hand and do not slip.

There is no point in buying a manicure set with a large number of tools, most of which you will not use. Pick up the one in which there will be a necessary minimum of accessories. The most popular are sets out of five subjects. AT includes Scraper, scissors with rounded edges, tweezers, nippers and saw blade.

Take into account the peculiarities of your nails. This is important when selecting nail files – it can be with large or small spraying, as well as combined. Solid, крепкие ногти can be filed with coarse-grained metal files. For soft in structure buy set with a glass nail file or purchase it additionally.

Check how sharp the manicure scissors are, how well they cut. Inspect their tips, they must fit tightly together, they should not be chipped and deformed areas.

The pliers are used to remove the cuticle or burr. Их ручки должны пружинить и сжиматься легко, без усилий. Для них качество изготовления и материал особенно важны. Острые кусачки потребуют от вас осторожности и аккуратности при обращении с ними.

The tweezer should be inspected, hold it in your hand, make sure it is comfortable. Check that its working planes are flat, aligned with each other, squeezed, and not cut off the hairs. Try to pull out some hair on his hand, he must grab it at the very bottom.

Manicure scapula – scraper, should not bend. It can be made of hardwood, plastic or metal. This is a two-sided tool. The end, which is made in the form of a spatula, moves the cuticle away from the surface of the nail, the sharp end is intended for stripping.

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