How to choose a self-tanning cream

How to choose a self-tanning cream
The cream for artificial sunburn is a safe alternative to sunbeds and a merciless beach sun. With the help of properly selected products, you will give the skin a beautiful golden, honey or chocolate shade. In order not to be mistaken, carefully choose the color and texture of the cream.

When choosing a cream, be guided by the natural shade of your skin. Gentle snow-white need a tan with the mark "for light skin." It gives an easy golden hue, which looks very natural. Mid-European brown-haired women are addressed to darker creams, and the most saturated are ideal for dark brunettes.

If you doubt the choice of color, prefer a lighter version and apply it layer by layer. This cream is suitable for those who do not have experience with autosunburn. Even if you make a mistake and do not thoroughly dilute the remedy, stains and stains will be less noticeable.

Pay attention to the texture of the tool. The easier the cream, the faster it will absorb. Modern autosunburns do not contain oils and do not pollute the pores. For oily skin, gel creams are recommended, and more saturated moisturizing formulas are suitable for dry skin.

Self-tanning cream can be white, colorless or colored. The latter option is very convenient for inexperienced users. Applying it, you are unlikely to miss this or that skin area, tanning will lie evenly and will look natural. There are also means with light-reflecting particles. They visually align the skin, highlighting it and giving it a natural sheen.

On sale, you can find funds designed only for the face or body, as well as universal options. Decide which type of cream will suit you best. Usually, facial products are more delicate, easily absorbed texture. They are recommended to be applied not only on the face, but also on the neck and decollete zone.

When choosing a cream, it is better to use a tester. You will be able to evaluate the texture and flavor of the remedy. Ten years ago, tanning salves had an unpleasant and very persistent smell. Modern means are distinguished by pleasant aromas of flowers, fruits or vanilla.

Evaluate the composition of the facility. Many autosunburns contain not only artificial bronzers, but also caring components: aloe extract, vitamins, fruit extracts, antioxidants. Formulas of some creams may include sunscreen filters of natural origin. Such products effectively protect the skin and replace the usual body and face creams.

The packaging of the cream is also important. The most convenient are soft tubes, as well as vials with a dispenser that allows you to apply the required portion of the drug. If you see a set with an exfoliant or an exfoliating mitten for sale on the market, boldly get it – self-tanning is good for lying down on pre-treated skin.

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