How to choose a scrub from black dots

How to choose a scrub from black dots
The best way to clean the skin of the face from black spots, inflammation and dead cells is a scrub. It is very important to choose this remedy correctly for your skin type, so that it is effective.

Properly selected scrub makes the skin clean and soft and deeply cleanses the pores. With regular use of this remedy, blood circulation can be normalized, the skin can be saturated with oxygen, which will make it more youthful and fresh.

It is important to remember that scrubs can not be used on a daily basis, as this can disrupt the balance of salt and water and thin out the protective layer of the skin. Daily use of scrubs can overdry the skin, which will lead to irritations and various rashes.

Determine your skin type, based on this, select the appropriate scrub and the frequency of its use. Holders of dry skin should be cleaned once in 2-3 weeks, owners of oily or normal skin can do it once a week.

Oily and problem skin requires more thorough cleansing, so in scrubs for these types of skin should be present abrasive particles of large size. They will help remove serious pollution and clean the pores from the fat stored in them. For oily skin, scrubs with sea salt or crushed fruit bones are best. Look for products with cosmetic clay, it cleans well the greasy shine and narrows the pores. If you have very oily skin of the face, you can use scrubs 2 once a week, but not more often.

Owners of sensitive skin, prone to irritation, should pay attention to scrubs with chamomile flowers, tea tree extract, aloe, grape extract, mint leaves. Look for options with soft, fine granules that can not damage the surface of the skin.

If you are a happy owner of normal skin, pay attention to the means with moderately coarse abrasive particles. In the composition ideally suited for normal skin scrubs must be present crushed coffee beans or loofah. Choose the products created on the basis of berry or fruit essence with the addition of vitamins and essential oils.

Finding the right scrub for dry skin is the most difficult, because it should not only clean the surface of the face from black spots and dead skin, but also moisturize it. The composition of the scrub should be soft granules that dissolve rapidly when you massage your face. Overdried facial skin will help components such as avocado oil, sunflower, wheat germ. A good influence on the condition of dry skin is caused by honey and panthenol. Reaction of this type of skin can be very unpredictable, so you need to apply the scrub, starting with small fragments of the skin.

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