How to choose a safe deodorant

How to choose a safe deodorant
With the advent of hot days, the shelves in cosmetic stores are beginning to actively empty. Buyers literally snatch refreshing shower gels, light fruit spirits, wet wipes, matting powder and, of course, deodorants and antiperspirants. It is very important, when going shopping, to know how to choose a safe deodorant.

Without deodorants it is difficult to manage not only in a hot summer, but also at any other time of the year. After all, it's so nice when a person smells not afterwards, but with freshness, fruits or flowers. In order for the cosmetic product to bring only joy and benefit, it is necessary to know, how to choose deodorant correctly.

Remember that many modern antiperspirants contain harmful substances that promote the formation of cancer cells and cause various diseases of the mammary glands. So, some products have in their composition aluminum, or rather, aluminum salts. Salts of aluminum clog the pores and prevent the release of not only excess moisture, but also harmful substances, including toxins. As a result, toxins remain in the body and poison it. When choosing a deodorant, carefully study the composition. If aluminum is included in the composition, it is better not to buy this cosmetic product.

Deodorants can also contain trilozane. Triclosan is an antiseptic that destroys bacteria and an unpleasant odor, but it is an aggressive antiseptic that causes irritation. Remember that the most harmless cosmetics, these are deodorants, made on the basis of sea salt. Sea salt dries bacteria on the skin and destroys odors. At the same time, do not exert any harmful effect on the skin.

Knowing how to choose safe deodorant, the buyer can simultaneously protect themselves from sweat and health problems.

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