How to choose a rectifier

How to choose a rectifier
Rectifier – an indispensable thing in the arsenal of many girls. It is used not only by the owners of curly hair, but also by girls with straight hair, to make the curls more shiny and straight. Now the choice of rectifiers in the store is very wide, with every day there are more and more new models. We will choose an eliminator that will not harm your hair. Follow our step-by-step instructions.

Pay attention to the coating plates, because it depends on them possible impact on the structure of your volos. The rectifier with simple metal plates is much cheaper, but with the use of such a straightener the tips of your hair will instantly begin to be cut. Make sure that the plates are coated with something, such as ceramic. If you plan to additionally use cosmetic products for hair styling, then choose a mixed coating rectifier, for example ceramics with Teflon or ceramics with tourmaline. Such a straightener will give your hair a shine, and when used it will ensure a slight glide.

Check if there is a rectifier that you are going to buy, function ionization. She is very useful for the health of your hair. The ions with which the plates are covered will not allow hair to be dried and electrified.

Определитесь с шириной пластины. Широкие (более 2,5 см.) подходят для густых и длинных волос. Узкие же (2-2,5 см.) – универсальные, они подходят для всех типов волос. К тому же с помощью узких пластин легко можно не только выпрямлять hair, but also to curl them.

Узнайте о температурных режимах прибора. Очень важно, чтобы температуру нагревания можно было выбирать самостоятельно. Для тонких и ослабленных hair will suit невысокая температура, а для сильно вьющихся температура должна быть более 200 градусов, но подобный режим есть не на всех выпрямителях.

Pay attention to the speed of heating the rectifier. Most rectifiers are heated very fast, in just 10-15 minutes.

Check appliance на безопасность. На некоторых выпрямителях есть на краях специальные холодные зоны, которые помогут избежать burns.

Обратите внимание, можно ли use rectifier this model for damp hair. This will reduce the thermal effect on the hair, and you do not have to first dry the hair dryer, and then straighten them.

Do not forget to inquire about the storage of the device. Usually in the rectifiers there is a fixation of the plates. Proper storage contributes to the longevity of the device.

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