How to choose a quality burdock oil?

How to choose a quality burdock oil?
Эффективность масляных масок зависит от качества используемых в них ингредиентов. Именно поэтому очень важно выбрать хорошее безопасное репейное масло от грамотного производителя.

In modern stores there is a huge selection of very different burdock oil. Many buyers run their eyes when looking at all this diversity. To choose a truly quality burdock oil and not overpay for excess, you need to know a few rules.

1. Грамотный отвественный производитель всегда разливает масло либо в емкости из темного стекла, либо в непрозрачные пластиковые бутылочки. От покупки средства в других емкостях лучше сразу отказаться.

2. On the bottle with burdock oil must be labeled with all the necessary information – about the manufacturer, the shelf life, the composition of the product, its properties and use rules.

3. The composition of the first should indicate the used oil (for example, soybean or sunflower), as well as the roots of burdock (burdock). In some cases, the oil extract of burdock roots can be prescribed immediately. Can also be included in the composition of additional useful ingredients: chamomile, horsetail or red pepper extract and many others. The main thing is that there are no dyes and flavors in it.

4. Present burdock oil has a natural herbal smell without any fragrances. It is thick and viscous enough.

5. It is best to buy such a drug in the pharmacy, and not in the usual supermarket or cosmetic store.

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