How to choose a night cream for the face

How to choose a night cream for the face
You buy a jar of advertised night cream in the store. But after using it, notice that the remedy does not work. The thing is, you made the wrong choice.

Improperly selected night cream can provoke the appearance of acne, inflammation and irritation. Buying a remedy, start from the type of your skin.

If you have dry skin, you need to buy that night cream, which contains vegetable fats (jojoba oil, almonds, etc.). The thing is that these components form a protective film on the skin, which also keeps moisture. People who have skin prone to fat, should choose their cosmetics with salicylic acid and zinc. These substances have an anti-inflammatory effect. Well, and to owners of a sensitive skin, it is necessary to focus attention on a night cream made on the basis of vegetative components (licorice, a camomile, etc.). If you have normal skin, get a night cream, which contains extracts of algae, mineral oils.

Carefully read the instructions. The composition should not contain fragrances, synthetic components. The level of substances of chemical origin should be minimal. Unfortunately, various emulsifiers and preservatives are the technical necessity of the producers, because these substances can be stored for a long time.

Pay attention to the order of the ingredients in the cream. They are listed in descending order, that is, the smaller the amount of the component, the further it is in the list. Suppose, if in the list on the first place there are chemical substances, and in the end there are natural, then the botanical substances in the medium are negligible.

Ночной крем может быть как в тюбике, так и в баночке. Использование средства в тюбике считается более гигиеничным, ведь вы выдавливаете только разовую порцию, остатки средства защищены от бактерий. Отдайте предпочтение тому ночному крему, в составе которого присутствуют витамины, аминокислоты и пептиды.

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