How to choose a night cream for dry skin

How to choose a night cream for dry skin
Dry skin is very delicate and requires careful care. She does not tolerate washing with soap, and even from plain water you may have a feeling of tightness. In order to restore the water balance and help the skin look healthy, and also keep her youth for a long time, choose a night cream for yourself.

In the store or pharmacy the means for dry skin are signed accordingly. Take the jar and read the label. In a good night cream should be present substances such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, various vegetable fats – oils of almonds, jojoba, karite, roses. For dry skin prone to inflammation, it is worth looking for a night cream, which includes substances that soothe the skin – chamomile, calendula.

Среди ингредиентов многих кремов для сухой кожи присутствует глицерин. Именно это вещество вызывает ощущение жирной пленки на лице. Если вы предпочитаете быстро впитывающиеся средства, лучше поискать крем без него.

Fragile dry skin is prone to an earlier appearance of wrinkles. Most women tend to delay this moment by acquiring funds anti-aging. This is an incorrect approach to skin care. If you are young girl, and the first wrinkles have not yet appeared on your face, choose a quality night cream for dry skin from the youth series, and you will achieve the desired effect.

The smell of a night cream should be pleasant to you, to cause pleasant associations, otherwise the remedy simply does not work for you properly. If you find the perfect night cream, but its flavor is unpleasant to you, you can try adding a few drops of essential oil to the jar. Or else go in search of another means.

Packaging also matters. When you take the cream from the jar, you can bring the bacteria into the remedy, because of what it will quickly deteriorate. If the night cream is stored in a tube, then direct contact with the hands does not occur, and the tool will last you longer.

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