How to choose a matting cream for the face

How to choose a matting cream for the face
Matiruyuschy cream – a find for owners prone to fat, combined skin. Such a cosmetic product gives the person the desired dullness, permanently removing the greasy sheen. To choose a cream with the effect of matting, you need to consider the type of skin, the composition of the product and other nuances.

"Magic" matting cream is able to eliminate unwanted fatty gloss and weaken the activity of the sebaceous glands. Today you can buy tonal and daytime, night cream with the effect of matting, they contain absorbent substances. These components help to get rid of excess fat and temporarily stop the production of sebum.

Traditionally, matting cream is recommended for young skin, so most often they are purchased by girls under the age of 25 years. Hormonal changes are often associated with an increase in sebum production, so the fair sex is forced to mask unpleasant shine with the help of cosmetics. When buying matiruyuschego cream, you must always specify for what age it is intended. The relevant labeling must be indicated on the product packaging. For the summer, you need to buy a product that makes the skin velvety and protects it from sunlight.

Means for matting are most relevant for problem skin, prone to the appearance of black spots, acne, inflammation. For this type of skin, it is best to choose a cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients. In their role can act plant extracts, valuable oils, bactericides, which have a disinfecting effect. It is important that the matting cream soothes the skin, for which the composition includes salicylic acid.

Normal skin usually does not need additional matting. To look good even in hot weather, women with normal skin need to pick up matting cosmetics with the effect of moisturizing. It will not tighten the skin, the cream will maintain a moisture balance at the proper level. Matting cosmetics for normal skin can be used as a foundation for make-up, powder, tonal remedy and shadows will look perfect with such a base.

For dry skin, you need to find a matting cream that maintains the optimal water-lipid balance. This remedy should not clog the pores of the skin. For best effect, you need to apply it after cleansing the face in the morning. All because matirujushchie a cream penetrate deeply in layers of an epidermis due to what the given cosmetics will regulate exchange processes.

When buying matting cream, it is important to pay attention not only to the product brand and its cost. It should be taken into account that there are no universal remedies, therefore it is necessary to select the cream after consultation of the cosmetologist. If matirujushchie a cream do not help or assist, it is not necessary to refuse visit to the endocrinologist. Excessive greasiness of the skin can signal a malfunction in the body.

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