How to choose a man's shampoo

How to choose a man's shampoo
Shampoos are bought by most men completely thoughtlessly, sometimes the main criterion is advertising on television. This approach is fundamentally wrong, since shampoo should be chosen for a particular type of hair.

There are only four types of hair: fatty, dry, normal and mixed. As you can guess from the designation of types, the most problem-free are normal hair. They do not split, do not get confused, they have a soft shine in the sun, after washing they look clean for a few days.

Oily hair is too dirty, get unpleasant greasiness. They have to be washed daily. Most often in men it is this type of hair. This is explained by the fact that man's the skin in the region of the head is thicker than the female, respectively, the blood circulation at the surface is stronger, the sebaceous glands, thus, get more nutrition, and therefore work more intensively.

Dry hair resembles a loofah or straw, they are combed with difficulty, poorly reflected rays of light, very badly break and sekutsya. This type of hair is typical for men who do not care about themselves and their hair.

Mixed hair is usually long. At the roots they are fatty, since the sebaceous glands work excessively, and the tips are dry and brittle, since they do not get enough nutrition.

When choosing a shampoo, it is important to pay attention to the recommendations for hair type. This alone will significantly improve the condition of the head of hear. In the case of male shampoo, the pH should equal exactly 5,4. This will give the hair a well-groomed look and shine. The pH of the shampoo is usually indicated on the package. Do not forget about balms for hair. It is best to buy a balm from the same series as shampoo.

It is very important that the male shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp. At the heart of good funds is sodium laureth sulfate, sometimes in modern designs it is replaced by other washing bases. It is best if the shampoo you choose contains a significant amount of nutrients and moisturizers. A means for washing hair with a sufficient number of such components is suitable for daily use, which is very important for owners of oily hair. Look for shampoo with essential oils and keratin peptides in the composition.

It is very important to choose a shampoo with an appropriate and suitable fragrance. Not all men want to smell like raspberries, peaches, roses or other sweet smells. For the stronger sex smells of menthol, citrus or fresh and pure wood fragrances are best suited.

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