How to choose a mannequin for hairstyles

How to choose a mannequin for hairstyles
Mannequin for hairstyles Is a necessary tool for hairdressers of different levels. Beginners can use it to learn how to create any styling and hairstyles, and experienced masters – to experiment, inventing new ones without fear for the nerves of customers. Today, such heads-dummies are commercially available, and virtually anyone can buy it. So, how to choose the right product and how to care for it.

There are 3 different kinds of mannequins for hairstyles: with artificial hair, natural and mixed type. Their value depends on the quality of the hair, their length and thickness. Usually the price of such products varies within 1400-8000 rub.

The head-mannequin with natural hair is suitable for a variety of manipulations: winding on a curling iron, styling, drying with a hair dryer, etc. But artificial curls are not able to withstand heat treatment and melt. If you do not plan to learn how to curl your hair, this is just your option, because similar mannequins for hairstyles have more affordable value. But the natural hair on the mannequin is more docile, it's easier and more convenient to handle them.

When choosing a training "head", several different parameters should be taken into account. First, the length and thickness of the hair (strands should be in length from 45 to 60 cm). Secondly, the frequency of hair loss. Perform a small screening test: swipe your hand over the ringlets of the dummy and notice how much hair from them fell out. Thirdly, you need to pay attention to the hair color. To make it easier for you to work on making a haircut and more convenient to evaluate the result, buy a mannequin with blond hair, as on dark strands all elements usually merge.

To check whether the hair artificial or artificial in front of you can be in one of two ways: ignite the ends (artificial hair emits a smell of plastic, and natural – burnt wool) or wind it on a curling iron (if the locks melt and do not take the desired shape, then it's an artificial product) .

A mannequin for hairstyles with natural hair needs to be washed with ordinary shampoo as it gets dirty. Then you need to use the balm. In addition, 1 once a week should make nutritional masks, to maintain a good hair condition. All means for heat treatment of strands when applied on a dummy should be placed at the lowest temperature, to avoid damage to the structure of the hair. Seeing after combing the product a small number of dropped hairs, do not be afraid – this is normal. It is advisable to choose a massage comb with natural fibers.

A training mannequin for hairstyles with artificial hair requires the following care: you need to wash your locks only in case of urgent need. It is better to do this rarely, and then the product will last you a long time. The perfect way is to soak the dummy strands in the conditioner for about 40-60 minutes. Then dry the curls without washing it off. Comb the strands only when they all become dry.

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