How to choose a manicure set

How to choose a manicure set
An important role in creating the image of a woman has a manicure. Not all women can afford to visit a beauty salon or beauty salon several times a week. Fortunately, in the store you can buy a manicure set, with which you can take care of your nails at home.

Buying a manicure set, pay attention to the manufacturer. Brand setWe differ significantly from consumer goods, which are produced by Chinese craftsmen in artisanal workshops. Ask your master what brands to trust, because cheap low-quality set will be useless.

Prices sets for manicure is quite different and depends on the quality and number of tools that it includes. In this case, it is not worth saving, since a good set although it will cost more, but it will justify itself. Quality tools for manicure, first, durable in use, and secondly, their cutting edges will not be dull.

Do not rush to buy the most complete set manicure accessories, as most of them you most likely will not have to use. Choose an individual option – only those tools that you need. The most optimal set, which includes a manicure scapula, tweezers, scissors with rounded edges, a saw blade and nippers.

When choosing a manicure setbut also consider the characteristics of your nails. For example, selecting the nail file, be guided by the fact that for крепких ногтей better fit a metal, coarse-grained nail file. If your nails are weak and soft, then it is better to take a glass nail.

Carefully inspect the nail scissors, try how they cut. Their cutting edges should not have any deformations and notches, and the tips should fit tightly to each other.

When selecting the cutters, pay special attention to the quality of their manufacture and material. Since this tool is used to remove cuticles and burrs, it must be sharp, but you need to be careful with it. The handles of the product must be easily compressed and spring-loaded.

Проверьте пинцет – попробуйте вырвать какой-нибудь волосок. Он должен быть удобным в использовании, необходимо, чтобы кончики были ровными и совпадали между собой. Пинцет должен сжимать, а не срезать волоски, захватывая их у основания.

Manicure scapula (scraper) should be strong. It is made of hardwood, plastic or metal. This tool has two purposes. One end of the scapula is used to move the cuticle away, and clean it with a sharp end.

Обратите внимание и на футляр. Он должен быть изготовлен из качественных материалов. Чтобы при хранении инструменты не тупились, их режущие кромки друг с другом в футляре соприкасаться не должны.

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