How to choose a make-up under a green dress

How to choose a make-up under a green dress
Most women undeservedly avoid dresses of green color. It's all the fault of the myth that the green outfit does not suit blondes at all and the brunettes are growing old. This is far from the case. It is enough just to select shades correctly makeupAnd, and the dress of this color will surround any fashionista with a florid seduction and mystery.

You will need
  • – tonal basis;
  • – corrector;
  • – powder;
  • – Lipstick;
  • – mascara;
  • – a pencil or eyeliner;
  • – rouge.
The tone of the tonal remedy should exactly match the natural color of your skin. To mask existing defects, for example, circles under the eyes or inflammation, use a corrector. To fix the basis of makeup, use powder, the tone of which also should not be discordant with the natural skin color. Do not forget to moisten the skin before applying the tonal remedy. decorative cosmetics lay down easier.

When dressing in a green dress, never use shadows of the same color. Many women make such a mistake, and their face not only loses its expressiveness, but also looks painful because of the abundance of green. The attempt to combine olive shades with a green dress and vice versa will not be successful either. When choosing cosmetics always stay on contrasting tones. With a green dress look good gold, purple, beige, brown and black shadows.

Подводку и карандаш для глаз выбирайте по такому же принципу, что и тени. Подойдет черная или коричневая подводка, а вот о зеленой даже не думайте. Макияж глаз завершит тушь для ресниц, которая всегда должна гармонировать с цветом карандаша или подводки.

Выбор румян under the dress this color directly depends on the natural color of the skin. Swarthy women should use pink or plum tones, but white-haired women need to choose red blush.

Lipstick under a green dress, select according to the tones of the rest make-up. If it is made in cold colors, then use a saturated-red lipstick. Make-up in warm colors will perfectly shade the lipstick of the color of ripe cherries. These simple recommendations will allow any woman to experience the whole magic of a green dress and be extraordinarily stylish in it.

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