How to choose a make-up for the brown eyes

How to choose a make-up for the brown eyes
Some consider the brown eye color boring and mediocre. This opinion is erroneous. Makeup, competently emphasizing the dignity, is able to make the brown eyes bright, deep and bewitching.

Неаккуратный и небрежно выполненный мейк-ап испортит все впечатление. Поэтому начните макияж с подготовки глаз к нанесению теней и туши. Тени хорошо ложатся и не скатываются, если кожа увлажнена специальным кремом, предназначенным для ухода за данной зоной. Если у вас есть круги под eyes, disguise them as a proofreader.

Choose the shadows best suited to the shade of your eyes. If you have a light-Brown eyes, choose the blue, purple and фиолетовых shades. Тени этих цветов сильно контрастируют с brown eyes, making them bright and expressive. However, if the whites of your eyes have a yellowish hue, purple shades are best not to use, since they will intensify yellowness.

Dark-brown The eyes are best highlighted with shadows of pink color. But this is possible only if your skin is perfect and there are no visible red veins in the eyes. Otherwise pink shadows will give your face an unhealthy color. If you can not boast of white proteins and perfect skin, emphasize dark brown eyes in shades of blue, yellow or beige.

Makeup brown eyes that have a golden hue, it is better to perform with contrasting shadows, for example, lilac and pearl white or gray-blue and golden brown.

If your eyes have copper sparks, emphasize them with various green shades. Especially you will get shades of khaki color.

Brown hazel eyes can be made выразительней с помощью светло-розовых теней и черной подводки.

Orange shades for brown eyes should not be used regardless of their hue.

If you want to black eye, use shadows of light colors, otherwise the makeup will look overwhelmed. In addition to black piping, experiment with color liners and pencils. Violet eyeliner, for example, almost always advantageously shades brown eyes.

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