How to choose a make-up for clothes

How to choose a make-up for clothes
The main secret of the correct makeupbut it is harmony with the eyes, hair, skin and clothes. Beautiful things and properly chosen make-up can hide shortcomings and emphasize virtues, only you need to strive for this tandem to be harmonious.

Подбирайте цветовую палитру макияжа, учитывая цвет одежды. Все оттенки можно отнести к теплой, к холодной или к нейтральной категории. Холодные оттенки – все цвета с добавлением синего, теплые – желтоватые и золотистые оттенки, нейтральные – черный, белый, серый.

Take care that shades of lipstick, lacquer for nails and the blush matched and matched the color of the clothes. Make-up of cool shades – cold colors of clothes, warm – warm, so that the color harmony is observed. With neutral shades easier, they combine both cold and warm colors, therefore, choose any color range closest to the tone of your face.

Use with clothes of cold red color make-up of plum shades, and with warm red – yellowish brown or red-Car brown make-up. Choose warm clothes for make-up – apricot, reddish-brown or yellowish-brown. Silver, bronze and gold in clothes must be balanced with a restrained matte make-up.

Уделите особое внимание макияжу, если одеваетесь в black. This color emphasizes the light skin, giving it a cool shade. Therefore, choose tonal means and a lipstick of warm shades. With black color, lipstick of saturated colors looks great, for example, orange-carrot, coral, fuchsia. Wine shades in combination with black will look too dramatic. Draw the eye contour with a brown, gray or black pencil and carefully blend the lines. As a blush, choose a shimmering bronze or natural peach.

Perform the most natural, simple make-up, dressing in clothes of bright, saturated tones. Do not use more than three colors in clothes and makeup. What you need to hide or reduce, paint in the darker, but what needs to be emphasized or increased – in the light. Pearly and pastel cover visually increase, and dense dark – on the contrary, reduce.

Apply a brighter make-up if you are wearing beige tones. Very stylish look with beige актуальные сегодня фиолетовые оттенки, горчичные, морковные и медовые цвета помады и теней.

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