How to choose a loofah in 2018 year

How to choose a loofah in 2018 year
Washcloth is a necessary thing for taking a shower and caring for the body. From the choice of material and the shape of the loofah depends on how pleasant and effective for you will be daily water procedures.

Determine in the first place with the material from which the bast is made. Give preference to natural plant fibers (loofah, bast, sisal, ramie). Such sponges effectively clean the pores, have a massage and exfoliating effect, increase the overall tone of the body. However, they require special care, as bacteria reproduce in natural materials. After each shower taking, this washcloth should be washed with soap and thoroughly dried.

Get a woven washcloth from sisal for weekly skin massage. Washing it helps to fight cellulite, improves blood circulation. If you prefer a medium-hard sponge, opt for a lycra made from subcortical layers of linden. When heated from phony fibers, phytoncides are released, which are useful in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. For intensive peeling, get a mesh scourer from rami.

Остановите свой выбор на мочалке из морской губки, если у вас чувствительная нежная кожа, склонная к аллергии. Натуральная губка имеет пористую структуру, благодаря которой она хорошо впитывает воду и образует обильную пену. Не забывайте менять морскую губку каждые 2-3 месяца.

Selecting sponges of synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, viscose, foam rubber), pay attention to the degree of rigidity. Such sponges are good for fast washing under the shower. Indisputable advantages of synthetic sponges – a variety of shapes and colors, low price.

Choose the shape of the loofah according to your preference. Washcloths stick well on the arm, do not slip and are ideal for massage under the shower. Washcloths with long handles are convenient for washing your back. Air in the form of rosettes with a loop perfectly whip the foam and are suitable for daily showering, since they significantly save the gel for washing.

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