How to choose a lipstick color

How to choose a lipstick color
A properly selected shade of lipstick refreshes the face, gives teeth white and emphasizes a beautiful lip pattern. The choice of color depends on the tone of your skin and hair, the situation and the outfit. Choose several options for all occasions – lipsticks of different textures and colors can be worn separately, mixed together and complemented with shines, achieving the ideal result.

The color of the lipstick depends on many factors. When choosing a shade, consider the skin tone, eyes and hair, as well as the general appearance type. For example, girls of the eastern type, who have naturally dark lips, will approach deep and rich colors. Light-skinned blondes of Scandinavian type should try very light, translucent lipsticks.

Кожа оливкового тона будет выглядеть прекрасно рядом с помадой теплых красных и глубоких винных оттенков. Розово-сиреневые, фиолетовые и светлые бежевые тона сделают такое лицо болезненным, а темные шоколадные визуально прибавят несколько лет. Светлой коже идут свежие красные, алые и коралловые помады. Загорелое лицо украсят золотисто-бежевые и абрикосовые оттенки.

Take into account your age. Some ladies add themselves years, continuing to make up for the fashion of their youth. Women of elegant age should avoid pearly and too light lipsticks. The best choice for them is the means of rosewood, pinkish-beige and calm red. Young go pastel, as well as a variety of natural colors – from light beige to golden and coffee. Lipsticks of bright wine shades can emphasize the yellowness of teeth. If your smile is not perfect, prefer soft red or peach flowers.

The choice of lipstick color depends on the time of day. For a day, choose a calm tone of medium saturation – coral, light red, pinkish-purple, beige. In the evening, you can try on a spectacular wine scale, as well as defiantly-red and deep dark shades. Effectively look and light lipsticks with a pearl shine – they are especially beautiful in combination with a bright make-up of the eyes.

The color of the lipstick depends on its texture. When choosing a means for the lips, be sure to try it on your hand. Translucent or pearly lipsticks will look lighter than in a tube. Matte funds, on the contrary, can be more dense and saturated.

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