How to choose a hypoallergenic face cream

How to choose a hypoallergenic face cream
Those who have a skin with increased sensitivity and a tendency to irritation, you need special cosmetics. When choosing a hypoallergenic cream, pay attention to its composition, consistency, peculiarities of packaging and even smell.

Hypoallergenic drugs are the only option for the skin, which reacts painfully to normal cosmetics. This category includes moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, protective and even tonal creams. When choosing makeup, look for the label "hypoallergenic" on the vial or tube.

Find the right funds is best in the pharmacy. Here, cosmetic brands of brands specializing in various skin problems are sold. You can choose a cream for young or aging skin. If you need several funds, choose them within the same brand. So you reduce the risk of possible allergic reactions, besides, in complex cosmetics works much more efficiently.

Review the composition of the components. Cosmetics for sensitive and prone to irritations of the skin should not contain mineral oils, parabens, alcohols, dyes. It is desirable that the cream did not have a smell and was distinguished by an easy, quickly absorbed texture.

Take into account the personal intolerance of certain products. For example, if you can not consume honey, do not buy cosmetics with other bee products: propolis, pollen, natural wax. Those who react negatively to eggs may not be approached with lecithin. Be careful with cosmetics containing extracts from herbs, floral hydrolytes, as well as large doses of vitamins or fruit acids.

When choosing a moisturizing cream, discard products containing glycerin, petrolatum and their derivatives. These components retain moisture well in the skin, but can help block the pores. Try creams with urea, glycolic or lactic acid. They are no less effective, do not irritate the person and maintain a normal water-lipid balance.

Girls with very sensitive skin prefer to use creams in tubes or bottles with a dispenser. Funds in banks are much less hygienic. Buy small packages that will quickly run out. Remember that an overdue cream can damage your skin.

Before buying it is advisable to test the selected cream. Ask the consultant for a mini-probe, which is enough for a couple of applications. If there are no probes, use the tester. Apply a small portion of the cream on the elbow bend and wait for several hours. If itching, swelling or redness is not observed, the selected cream can be applied to the face.

In the first days after buying the cream closely monitor the reaction of the skin. The feeling of tingling, burning or numbness is a sign that the remedy does not suit you. Do not expect the skin to "get used to" – an incorrectly selected cream can provoke strong irritations that will have to be treated.

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