How to choose a hairstyle for the prom dress

How to choose a hairstyle for the prom dress
Graduation is a wonderful event that happens only once in a lifetime. You are symbolically separated from childhood and move to a new level of life. At this point, some girls want to remember childhood, and others – to look as much as possible grown up. As a result, hairstyles are chosen by inspiration and, at times, introduce some imbalance into the whole image. Later, you can see the pictures, you will understand that it was better to stop with another option, but what remains is …

No no! You will not become stupid childish perseverance and do not spoil yourself an important photo shoot in life by choosing the wrong fit. Especially because I choose a hairstyle for graduation dress can be in accordance with the leading fashion trends.

If you decide to stay on an elegant long and straight dress in the floor, choose the same style: calm and aristocratic. For example, ask the master to roll a "shell" out of his hair or an unusual fashionable bun. A beautiful decorative barrette can serve as an outrageous addition.

In the presence of long hair and the desire to be more original, to a laconic dress of any length, you can create a hairstyle-cascade. It is made from two tails, collected one above the other (the first – very high on the crown, the second – just below). Next, the strands are twisted with tongs and fixed with small pins. Curls-ends neatly descend on the shoulders.

К выпускному платью «а-ля 60-е» (корсет и широкая юбка длиной до колена) лучше всего подобрать прическу с локонами. Если ваши волосы не очень длинные, ориентируйтесь на Мэрилин Монро. Такой образ не оставит равнодушным ни одного вашего одноклассника. Также отлично подойдет высокий пучок в стиле Одри Хэпберн.

Extravagant mini is best complemented by the haircut "pay-girls": A braid wrapped around the head. After weaving a little fluff it, giving the image of some bohemian. Also, you can choose such a hairstyle (along with loose hair) if you plan to wear a dress in a Greek style or a wide sundress "like a hippie."

Самая сложна прическа к выпускному платью, как ни странно, распущенные волосы. Она хорошо будет сочетаться с цветочным платьем в стиле “baby doll”. Но даже в этой ситуации лучше отказаться от них, т.к. high school graduation is a rather lengthy exercise. Loose hair quickly lose its beautiful appearance, start to get tangled and will look unpresentable. To keep them in their original state, brush more often and apply a little bit of thermal water. As an alternative to this, the variations of the babte (like Brigitte Bardot) are excellent.

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