How to choose a hairstyle for rare hair

How to choose a hairstyle for rare hair
Falling out, rare or too thin by nature hair can cause to the proprietress many sorrows. They do not have volume, they lie flat and the hair looks boring. However, the problem can be corrected – it is enough just to choose the right haircut and styling products.

The basis of a good hairstyle is the right one a haircut. Forget about long straight hair falling on shoulders or tightened into a knot. Such hairstyles will only emphasize the shortcomings of hair. But haircut with locks or cascade visually increase the volume and make it easier to lay.

Determine the type of your face. Oval hair will go in short steps or long layers. Square or rectangular choose a hairstyle with a volume bang or layered square. Round will suit graded and the proportions of the triangular face will balance the haircut with layers with soft curls outwards.

Discard the hard graphics lines. Rare hair shows negligence, blurriness of the contour. Fluffy strands look more bulky.

Редким волосам идут легкие волны и мягкие завитки. Рассмотрите возможность щадящей химической завивки. Современные технологии позволяют создавать очень естественные локоны и не нарушают структуру волос. Если вы не решаетесь на долгосрочную завивку, купите мягкие объемные бигуди – они помогут завить волосы, не травмируя их.

If facial features allow, make a short haircut. "Hedgehog", feathers of various lengths, very high quads – such прически молодят and refreshing. But girls with a large figure, they do not fit – the "small head" will overly distort your proportions.

Radically black hair or blond strands with dark roots visually make the hair even more liquid. Choose a trendy soft shade of chestnut or light brown scales. Golden blondes should be added to the hair of warm honey glare, and cold platinum makes sense to change the tone to ashy. Delicate shades visually make the hair more voluminous.

Do not forget about proper care. Wash your head with shampoo for volume, apply a soft mousse before applying it. Instead of a strong fixation lacquer, use a lighter agent that does not heavier curls.

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