How to choose a hairspray

How to choose a hairspray
In pursuit of a beautiful hairdo and impeccable styling, women use dozens of means – foams, mousses, gels, pastes, and, of course, hair lacquers. How to choose a varnish that will not harm the hair and at the same time help to achieve the ideal result?

Carefully study the information on the can. Here, the composition, shelf life, recommendations for using the product, information about the manufacturer with the address of the company should be prescribed.

Pay attention to the composition of the varnish. If among the ingredients contains ethyl alcohol, it is better to give preference to another remedy. Alcohol overdry the hair and often causes irritation of the scalp, allergic reactions. This component in the varnish acts as a solvent. As a rule, it is used in cheap hair lacquers.

Look at the useful components that make up the tool. For example, panetenol helps restore hair structure, and betanine gives the hair a beautiful natural shine. If the formulation contains naphthenone, then such a product will help protect the hair from the negative influence of external factors. Often, manufacturers include in the composition and extract of aloe, which nourishes and strengthens the hair, makes them more soft and obedient.

Choose the appropriate degree of fixation. Modern hair varnishes are weak, medium, strong and extremely strong fixation. In this case, you need to not only focus on the desired result, but also take into account the type of your hair. For soft and thin hair of a short length, choose a varnish of weak fixation. For daily styling of not very thick hair, as well as fine long hair, the best varnish of medium fixation is best. Means with a strong degree of fixation are ideal for styling hard and naughty hair. Varnishes of super-strong fixation are used, as a rule, to create complex evening hairstyles. It is often not recommended to use them.

Pay attention to the smell of lacquer. A sharp and strong smell is a sign of a product of poor quality. Good products have a neutral smell, which quickly erodes. Some modern products have no smell at all. It is this varnish and should be given preference.

If possible, check how convenient it is to use a can of varnish, how well the sprayer works. If the nebulizer works poorly, it is likely that small droplets of varnish will be visible on your hair. At the same time, it will be difficult to achieve a qualitative distribution of the product along the length of the hair. Excessively strong spraying also does not become a plus – thus, the varnish can deform your hairstyle or styling.

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