How to choose a hairdresser

How to choose a hairdresser
A good hairdresser should not only be able to choose the most suitable haircut and styling for his client, but also give useful tips on hair care and the choice of shampoos, balms and masks. Finding a specialist who completely suits you, you will be able to visit him regularly: the master will already know what to offer and how to work with your hair.

Think about what your hairdresser should be like. Some people, for example, have special requirements for sex and age: someone does not like when their hair is handled by a young specialist, and someone does not like hairdressers-women. Also decide what result you want to get in the end, what haircut and styling you like, whether you want to repaint your hair, etc. A hairdresser can make your hairstyle only if you understand all your requirements well.

Pay attention to the hairdressers located near your home or work place. Otherwise, you may have to go to the other end of the city every time you need to make a styling or cut some slightly overgrown hair. This option is appropriate only if your hairdresser has changed his place of work or if you yourself moved to another area.

Learn from friends, relatives, friends and colleagues, from whom hairdresser they prefer to get a haircut. At the same time pay attention to the hairstyles of the respondents and decide whether you are satisfied with the work of the specialist chosen by them. You can also try to search reviews about different masters on thematic sites. However, do not forget that not always such reviews can be truthful, so do not unquestioningly believe each of them. One dissatisfied customer is ten satisfied – this is not an indicator of the poor quality of a specialist's work.

Обратите внимание на внешний вид и поведение hairdresser. Slovenliness, poor haircut and styling can become alarming signs: do you want your hair to be handled by a person who does not even watch himself? Try to describe the desired haircut. A good hairdresser probably can offer you some interesting options, show photos in magazines, slightly adjust your wishes if necessary. If the barber agrees with you in all things and does not pay attention to your type of face and hair structure, you should not get a haircut.

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