How to choose a haircut for a woman in 2018 year

How to choose a haircut for a woman in 2018 year
The choice of haircuts is a rather difficult task for a woman. After all, the general impression of others about the appearance of the lady largely depends on her. Correctly selected and executed haircut is able to emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings of the female face.

If you are a happy owner of an oval face shape, which is considered ideal, you will get absolutely any haircut.

Женщинам с круглым лицом лучше choose a haircutthe contour of which extends upward from the level of the ears. Hair on the top of the head should be raised, leaving only a small amount of strands on the sides. Try to create an asymmetrical silhouette with the oblique bangs, oblique selection, combed hair on one side.

Asymmetric haircuts are better to choose and representatives of the fair sex with a square face. They should prefer hairdos with a raised forehead, as well as wavy hair, oblique cuts and haircuts that leave your ears half open. But from a long thick bangs to such women it is better to refuse.

If you have a triangular face, choose a haircut so that its widest part is located at the level of the lobes or middle of the ears. The perfect solution for you will be a haircut with a long straight or oblique bangs and curls on the crown of the head. But haircuts with short cheeks are strictly contraindicated to you.

Owners of a rectangular face is better to choose a haircut that covers the ears and frames the face with locks of hair. Visually narrow the face will help a thick bangs to the eyebrows. Give up haircuts with vertical lines, as well as from long straight hair.

When choosing a haircut, not only consider the shape of your face, but also take into account its features. If you have a long nose, choose a magnificent haircut with a long lush bangs. Ladies with a snub nose are better to comb their hair back. Owners of a small spout can choose a haircut with small curls without bangs.

Consider when choosing haircuts and the quality of your hair. Women with unruly hair should choose an elongated haircut. Owners of very delicate hair are ideally suited for volume haircuts with milled strands. If your hair is thick and elastic, give preference to smooth, classic haircuts and discard the thinning.

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