How to choose a haircut

How to choose a haircut
Many women are afraid to experiment with a haircutand unsurprisingly – an unsuccessful haircut is not a make-up or a dress that can be changed in a few minutes. But if the haircut is chosen correctly, it will not only decorate you, emphasize virtues and hide faults, but will also give royal confidence.

You will need
  • Mirror
  • Marker or lipstick
  • Fashion magazines
Определите форму вашего лица.

Smoothly comb hair, if necessary, secure them with hair clips.

Take a flipping marker or not your favorite lipstick and sit in front of the mirror.

Circle the outline of your face. What does it look like?

Существуют пять форм – круглое, square, oval, rectangular and triangular, it is also called "heart".

Now find out your type volos.

Они могут быть густыми или тонкими, direct or curly.

Короткие стрижки идеально подходят обладательницам тонких и прямых волос.

Women with luxurious curls are asymmetrical haircuts with buns.

Густые волосы идеальны для «слоистых» стрижек.

To the oval face fit almost all haircuts.

For a round face smooth lines and pointed ends are good. Volumetric haircuts are strictly contraindicated.

To the square face go curls и curls. The main thing here is not to emphasize the jaw, that is, end the haircut much higher chin. Do not fit, with this form, long direct hair.

To the triangular face are good haircuts accentuating attention on the upper half of the face – a variety of "ragged", asymmetric or creatively colored bangs.

Short haircuts are not able to decorate the owners of a rectangular face.

There are many variations of classic short haircuts, bean and square – asymmetrical, with different form of bangs, with long strands over the main haircuts. Look fashionable magazines – perhaps they will tell you an unexpected option.

Make sure that the haircut you like is decorated with a face that is similar in shape to yours.

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