How to choose a hair loss remedy for men

How to choose a hair loss remedy for men
Hair loss in men is a serious medical, psychological and cosmetic problem. According to statistics, every fifth member of the stronger sex at the age of 20 years notice signs of so-called androgenetic alopecia. And the more age, the more men develop hair loss.

Manifestations of hair loss in men

If it became noticeable that the hair in front of the head and on the crown of the head became much smaller than on the occiput – this is a classic form of androgenetic alopecia. Such an unpleasant phenomenon lasts a long time, and without adequate treatment a person risks generally to remain without vegetation on his head. And the causes of such baldness is the increased sensitivity of hair follicles to the male hormone – testosterone. In severe forms of androgenetic alopecia, hair loss occurs very rapidly.

Often, male pattern hair loss occurs in women. In this case, they have a diffuse hair thinning. With a strong development of the disease, the hair falls so quickly that women have to wear a wig to hide the cosmetic inconvenience. True, behind this concealment bald patches often precious time is lost, and it happens that it is difficult to restore the former thick hair, and even impossible.

How to choose an effective anti-alopecia remedy?

At the first signs of alopecia man it is best to contact a specialist. Doctors usually are assigned special lotions, firming hair and preventing their further loss, as well as vitamins. For example, for the treatment of androgenetic type of baldness, lotion "Chronicity" is used quite effectively. Use this tool should be at least three months, and it should be rubbed into areas susceptible to alopecia, twice a day. It often happens that treatment with such a lotion can be more prolonged due to severe baldness.

To treat symptomatic baldness, you need to pay attention to drugs that stimulate hair growth. Well strengthens hair and improves their growth lotion "Anastym". It enhances metabolic processes in the hair bulb, improves blood microcirculation. It is also important to use this lotion for at least three months to completely get rid of the problem that has arisen.

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