How to choose a hair iron

How to choose a hair iron
If a woman decided to change her life, then most often first of all she goes to the hairdresser and changes her hair. Thanks to modern developments in the field of household electrical appliances, it became possible to do different hairstyles every day at home. One such tool for home laying is tongs for volos.

Distinguish between professional and household appliances. Undoubtedly, the first are preferable, since they are equipped with a temperature regulator, they are more powerful and durable, but also more expensive. Household are not so functional, but their capabilities are quite enough to make a lot of beautiful hairstyles at home.

При выборе, прежде всего, обратите внимание на поверхность греющего элемента, отдайте предпочтение керамическому покрытию. Поскольку нагревается оно равномерно, то риск испортить волосы минимален. Хороши щипцы и с турмалиновым покрытием, которое выступает естественным кондиционером для волос, снимая электростатический заряд.

Teflon coating facilitates the sliding of the hair, which reduces the number of injured hair. In recent years, there have also appeared surfaces with silver nanoparticles having an antibacterial effect. If opportunities permit, then be sure to take a closer look at the models with the function of hair treatment by steam. Thanks to them, hair is less dried, but this does not negate the rule of using moisturizers for hair.

The next important point is the nozzles. Think about what curls you will make, and what attachments you absolutely do not need. Simple round nozzles are used to create natural curls, the size of which depends on the diameter of the nozzle. There are also conical, spiral and corrugated. They are also available in various sizes and shapes.

Very interesting nozzles, texturing, with which you can make curly waves in the form of hearts, circles. In sets for a waving from some manufacturers you can find also nozzles-ironing, though more often such forceps are sold separately. So if you like to experiment, then buy a full set of baits. But remember that they make the set more expensive.

Important parameters are also the power of the forceps, the presence of a temperature regulator and electronic control. Choose models more powerful, with the big range of possible temperature and necessarily with a long wire.

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