How to choose a hair iron

How to choose a hair iron
Many owners of curly hair sometimes have a desire to straighten them. To do this, you must choose a hair iron. This device, even without seeking help from a specialist, is able to make hair straight and smooth in just a few minutes at home.

To select iron for volos, study the proposed range of these devices in stores. To avoid disappointment from the purchase of a substandard product and not to harm the hair, give preference to a well-known, proven trademark.

Обратите внимание на материал, из которого сделаны нагревающие пластины утюжка for hair. Cheap ironing have metal plates. They heat unevenly and can burn hair. With regular use of this device, you will get every chance to make your hair dry and brittle. More gentle action on the hair have ceramic plates, or plates with Teflon coating. Irons with such plates are almost three times more expensive, but the health and beauty of your hair requires a choice of better equipment.

Another characteristic, to which you must pay attention – the width of the plate ironing. For long and thick hair is better pick up iron with a wide plate (from 4 cm), for short haircuts rather narrower plate.

Look, is there a thermoregulator in the iron, which allows you to set different levels of heating. For each hair thickness, a certain temperature is appropriate. For example, thin hair, in contrast to thick and curly, do not require strong heating, and therefore they are easier to damage when using high temperatures.

Ask if the device has an ionization function that removes from the hair static electricity and gives them shine and smoothness.

Take the iron in your hands, determine if it is convenient to hold it and use it for its intended purpose, whether it is too heavy.

After you choose one of the devices, also take care of the purchase of special protective hair products – shampoos, бальзамов, увлажняющих спреев и др. На большинстве таких средств стоит обозначение «термо».

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