How to choose a hair dryer in 2018 year

How to choose a hair dryer in 2018 year
Various devices for drying and styling volos have become a familiar attribute in many homes. But, nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to choose an hair dryer with existing abundance on the shelves. After all, this choice should be taken very seriously, since it depends on the health and beauty of the hair.

First of all pay attention to the power of the dryer. The optimum power is 1600-1800 Watt. At lower drying power volos потребуется больше времени. При большей мощности – можно обжечь hair and the scalp.

Take the hair dryer in your hands. Estimate how convenient it is to keep and use им, не слишком ли он тяжел. Особенно важно провести этот тест, если вы сушите волосы часто, а потому можете быстро устать пользоваться неудобным прибором.

Look at what attachments equipped with a hairdryer. Necessarily any hair dryer should have a nozzle-concentrator, by means of which warm air is directed to a specific area of ??hair. Many hairdryers also have a nozzle-diffuser, with which you can give them extra volume when drying hair. This nozzle will be useful to owners of thin straight hair. If you have curvy curly hair, most likely, the diffuser will be an extra purchase.

Before choosing a hair dryer for hair pay attention to its functionality, that is, what else besides drying hair it is able to do. For example, some models function of supplying a cold air, which is used to fix the piling. Useful for the hair is the air ionization function, which removes static electricity from them, makes them obedient and shiny.

Check the presence of a filter that protects the dryer from getting into small items, hair and dust. It is desirable that the filter is removable with additional brushes to clean it in the kit.

Evaluate the additional features of different models of hairdryers – whether they have supports or hooks for fixing them on different surfaces, if you are interested in saving space, is it bent a pen.

After determining the model and the manufacturer of a hair dryer, be sure to take care of buying hair protecting hair styling products.

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