How to choose a hair curler

How to choose a hair curler
Many modern women dream of beautiful and magnificent curls. But most of them have straight hair by nature. There is a universal tool that will help fix this. It is a curling iron for curling hair. But there is a big problem, how to choose the one that suits you.

Magnificent curls are the dream of so many girls and an indispensable attribute of some hairstyles. Only a small number of women got beautiful curls from nature, and the rest have to create locks artificially with the help of special devices. The simplest way, in order to get a magnificent hairdo, is curlers, but their use is not always quick and convenient. It is best to use a curling iron for curling hair. Even our grandmothers used this device. But a lot of time has passed since then, and the refreshments have improved. Many models of different types and coatings have appeared, and this often makes it difficult to choose young women of fashion. The first thing you need to understand the characteristics of this device before you go to the store and buy, what will suit you.

Characteristics of hair curlers for hair

1. Presence of a temperature regulator. In order not to spoil the hair, you need to be able to control the heating of the curd, as it can heat up to 100-200 degrees, which will damage the hair.

2. Material of the surface of the fuse. Previously, the fuses had only a metal coating. These days you can find this device with several types of coatings. The most common are ceramics and Teflon. They relate sparingly to the hair and quickly heat up. Also, many advise titanium. It is durable and does not overheat.

3. Heating surface. Here the choice is yours. It all depends on what kind of result you want to get in the end.

4. Power. Ideally, this is 40-60 watts.

5. Cord. It should be long and not curl.

Also, to choose a curling plate, you need to decide which curls you want to get in the end. To do this, you need to understand the types of plaques for curling hair.

Kinds of Pluses

1. Tongs with clamp. This is a classic option. They come in different diameters depending on the size of the curls. This model is the best for beginners.

2. Plaice for the pre-root volume. This model is created to give your hair a volume, but not curls. You need to choose a good coating and use it carefully so that there will be no trauma to the scalp.

3. Spiral styler. Created to create individual curls.

4. Tongs-corrugation. It is mainly used to create waves on the hair.

5. Plait hair dryer. It will help to dry hair and give the desired volume.

6. Double ployka – "double-barreled". They are 2 parallel bars for creating zigzag strands. This device is not for beginners, since you need skill in order not to get burned.

Also, when choosing curling irons for hair, you can read numerous reviews on the Internet and see all the disadvantages and advantages of individual models.

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