How to choose a hair color

How to choose a hair color
The choice of hair color is a responsible business. Simple tips will help you shine with new colors!

You will need
  • – You
  • – Mirror
  • – Mindfulness
Правильно подобранный цвет volos can completely transform you: the skin will glow from the inside, the eyes will become brighter. If you want to radically change the color of your hair, then from all the variety of colors you should choose unstable. In case of failure to the previous color, it will not be difficult to return: unstable paints do not penetrate deep into the hair, remaining on the surface. The first step in choosing the color of hair will be the determination of color color, corresponding to the time of the year. There are, as is known, four: summer, autumn, winter and Spring. These four seasons are divided into warm and cold, contrasting and not very much. Definitely defining your "season", you can easily figure out the most suitable paint. Determine first the contrast – your appearance soft and gentle or bright, expressive?

If you chose the first option, then your appearance type refers either to the summer or to the spring. Look at yourself carefully. Summer refers to the cold type. Light eyes, skin of cool shades, pink or bluish. You will be treated with all light and cold colors, even platinum Blonde. Do not resort to excessively dark colors. Avoid as warm shades, they will intensify all the redness, you will look unhealthy. If you belong to the spring type, then all the warm colors are for you. Honey colors perfectly match your not too porcelain skin, and in general, это удача: вы может быть как blonde, and dark-red. The choice is great! But be careful with shades of colors. Cold tones will make you invisible.

If you are the owner of contrasting appearance, again determine the warmth of your appearance. In autumn, there can be any color of the eye, hair же обычно с примесью redhead, кожа теплая и главное отличие от весны в том, что внешность girls looks more brightly, contrastively. If you are a representative of this type, the color of your hair may be brown, chestnut, even black. Or have a chocolate shade. Excessively sunny colors do not suit you, leave it to spring. If you are a burning brunette (or the owner of warm hair), having a burning look (no matter what eyes – black or light blue), then "winter" paints for hair – for you. Blond and warm colors are absolutely contraindicated. Suitable colors range from "shatena" to "brunette". You can give your dark hair an easy shade of blue, it will look great.

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