How to choose a hair clipper

How to choose a hair clipper
Make hairdo in the hairdresser is much more convenient than at home, however, it can take more time and will require certain material costs. Therefore, if you are not a supporter of stylish and complex hairstyles, you will only need to buy a car and get a haircut at home.

To get a haircut at home select machine for hair cutting, which fully meets your requirements.
Determine the type of action engine engine, rotary or vibration. Machines with the first type are more often used in hairdressing salons because of their ability Fast cooling. The second type is not designed for long uninterrupted work (about 20 minutes), they are lighter, but vibrate more.

Решите, what the type of power supply is suitable for your machine. Choose from three existing ones: from the network, from the battery, together from the network and the battery. Lack of work of the machine only from the network – a cord that sometimes hinders, from the battery – the possibility of an unexpected discharge of the battery, and then its recharging for 6-9 hours. Therefore, the third option is the most optimal and convenient.

Разберитесь, из какого материала сделаны лезвия машинки. Это будет влиять на долговечность работы и качество haircuts. Blades with special titanium or diamond dust are considered particularly strong.

Выберите машинку, чтобы она отвечала вашим требованиям по конечной длине volos after haircuts. The set includes either replaceable nozzles, or the possibility of adjustment will be on most the machine. Basically the length of the haircut varies within 1,5-41mm.

Pay attention not only to the appearance of the machine, but also to the convenience of its use. To choose a hair clipper you need one that will make it possible to comfortably use it due to the convenient arrangement of the switches and buttons, the optimal weight and position in the hand.

Decide what additional features a car should have, and whether you need it. After all, the kit may include attachments that will turn the machine into a trimmer for nose and ears, and self-cleaning function is also possible. All this will naturally increase the cost of the machine.

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