How to choose a good ployka

How to choose a good ployka
Once ployka was associated exclusively with curly hair. Today this device also straightens the curls. To satisfy your requests, you need to know what nozzles should be equipped with a curling iron.

There are several criteria that help to choose a curtain rod. These include the temperature regime, the working surface, nozzles, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.

Previously, the ployka had only one temperature, and the degree of heating of the device was determined by either spitting on it or touching it with a finger. This practice has shown that you can not only burn your fingers, but also damage the structure of your hair. Therefore modern devices for curling or straightening curls are equipped with a temperature sensor, which allows controlling the degree of heating without harm to the hair and skin. You do not need to save on such things. Usually, to raise the hair at the root or just to twist the tips, set the temperature of 100-120оС. For very thick hair, you need to heat up to 150 ° C.

What should be in the ideal ployka in addition to temperature control? High-quality working surface. The cheapest devices are made of metal, which often rusts and damages the hair. A new generation of racks is equipped with a working surface made of ceramics. It is worth considering, the metal surfaces are heated very slowly and unevenly, which increases the likelihood of burning hair. Ceramic working surfaces protect the structure of the curls, without any problems creating a radical volume. Also, when planning to choose a ploy, you need to pay attention to its diameter. By the way, for natural curls and volume is best suited conical nozzle.

Answering the question, what nozzles should be equipped with a curling rod, proceed from your needs. In addition to curling round nozzles of different diameters in a quality instrument there must always be a corrugation. Corrugated curls can be worn just like that, or complemented with such elements of a hairstyle. Also note whether there is a clamp on the fuse. This attribute greatly facilitates the process of curling or aligning, since you do not need to permanently squeeze the nozzle, being afraid that the hair will slip. If you like to experiment, choose a ployka with a removable oval or spiral nozzle.

So, having determined what should be in the ideal ployka, it's time to proceed with the choice of the manufacturer. The greatest love for girls is enjoyed by the instruments Rhilips, Remington, Rowenta, Hairway, BaVyliss, Moser KMS, GA.MA, Harizma, Sibel, Velecta Paramount, Wahl and others. VaVyliss professional instruments, multi-functional Rhilips and Rowenta, and Remington with pearl coating the work surface.

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