How to choose a good epilator in 2018 year

How to choose a good epilator in 2018 year
Epilators have become widespread because their impact on the hairs is more lasting and effective than the action of an ordinary razor, and also more hygienic. But, unfortunately, the very procedure, the essence of which is the mechanical pulling of the hairs, is still painful, which is not easy to bear. Therefore, when buying a depilator, it is important to consider both the quality of its work and the ability to make this operation the least traumatic.

There are all kinds of epilators, despite the constructive differences, according to one principle. A few pairs of discs rotate quickly and, when touched, grab the hairs, like tweezers, pulling them out with the root. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to when buying, is the rotation speed of the disks. Epilators with a higher speed of rotation of the discs reduce the time of this procedure and its soreness.

One-speed epilators are suitable for women who have problem-free skin and rare, short and thin hairs. Two- and three-speed epilators can break such hairs, and not pull them out. But for longer and harder hair, the best option would be just such machines.

Для снижения боли и раздражения во время удаления волосков предназначены выдвигающиеся вибрирующие обезболивающие механизмы. Они представляют собой резиновую щеточку, которая двигается впереди и расслабляет кожу наподобие массажа. В некоторых эпиляторах Instead of the brush there are other stimulating attachments, but the principle of their action is also based on massage.

In the bikini and axillary cavities the skin is more sensitive and prone to irritations. When choosing a model of the epilator, pay attention to the one that has the so-called. precision cover. This part reduces the number of active tweezers and stretches the skin, and the use of the device in hard-to-reach places makes it more convenient.

If you are not going to abandon the razor, you can choose the two-in-one model. This is a set, which includes both removable shaving and epilator heads. Epilators in this case are equipped with multi-screw systems, and shaving heads – the finest meshes from hygienic metal alloys and trim tabs.

In some expensive models, special coolers are provided. Before using the epilator, this capacity is frozen, and then installed into the device. This option will be ideal for you if you have sensitive skin: the cold will narrow the blood vessels and stop bleeding, and also reduce the pain.

Чтобы принять решение, какой же эпилятор подходит именно вам, подумайте, в каких местах вы собираетесь удалять волоски. В зависимости от вашей цели, а также от чувствительности кожи, вы сможете подобрать аппарат с нужным количеством насадок и функций. В любом случае старайтесь покупать изделия производителей с хорошей репутацией.

Additional details can be chosen according to your taste and interests. For example, some models are equipped with brushes and covers for use on the road, others have built-in batteries that are charged from the network, or provided batteries.

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