How to choose a face scrub

How to choose a face scrub
With the help of a scrub, you can remove dead skin cells, making your face more smooth and tender. This treatment helps to cleanse pores, remove excess sebum, and improve the skin's sensitivity to moisturizing and nourishing products. On sale there are different options for scrubs. Choose the one that suits your skin type, and if there is no product in the store, do it yourself.

Choose a scrub depending on the type of skin. Dry and sensitive soft exxfoliant based on polymer granules, which do not scratch the face and delicately remove the contamination and dead skin particles. For oily skin, salt and sugar scrubs are intended, as well as pastes made from the finest mineral particles. Refuse to purchase exfoliates from ground fruit pits. Sharp pieces can damage the delicate skin of the face.

Normal skin suitable moisturizing scrubs based on gel with pieces of natural loofah. They foam well and perfectly clean the pores. Withering skin needs intensive recovery and easy lifting. It is suitable exfoliates with the addition of acids, for example, hyaluronic or fruit. They stimulate the processes of renewal and do not overdry the skin.

To a person after the treatment was smooth and gentle, get scrubs, rich in nutrients. Natural oils, algae extracts, plant extracts will help moisturize and soften the skin. Be careful with products containing mineral oils, they can cause irritation. Fans of natural remedies should pay attention to the production of organic brands. They offer scrubs with clay, plant seeds, oat flakes or ground coffee.

Facial scrubs are different from those intended for body treatment. They have a finer grinding and creamy texture without coarse scratching particles. It is more convenient to use funds in tubes. Scrubs in banks are not so practical. If you bought such a product, get the contents out of the container with a spoon, this will prevent water from getting into the can.

A very unusual product – scrubs, powders, which are diluted with warm water immediately before consumption. Usually these exfoliants are especially gentle and ideal for sensitive skin.

Decide how often you will use the scrub. Owners of sensitive skin can not use exfoliants more than once a week. Those who have skin rough and fat, it is worth treating the face more often. Choose a scrub with the addition of white clay – it will successfully replace the usual means for washing, and from time to time such a product can be used instead of a facial cleansing mask. On sale it is possible to find means with addition of essential oils of a lemon and a tea tree, beneficially working on the inflamed skin.

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