How to choose a face cream for autumn skin care

How to choose a face cream for autumn skin care
Осень – особая пора. Организм нуждается в укреплении. Эпителий подвергается опасному воздействию множества факторов окружающей среды. Необходимо выяснить – как ухаживать за кожей лица осенью с помощью крема, иначе роковая ошибка приведет к печальным последствиям.

The first thing to do is choose the right cream. In the autumn season, the skin requires special care, and it is necessary to carefully monitor the degree of its hydration. If you have a light texture caregiver, it needs to be replaced, it no longer fits. Your caring cosmetics should solve the problem of moisturizing and regenerating the epithelium. The night remedy is responsible for the restoration of the hydro-lipid film. With its help, the epithelium gets protection from the harm of low temperatures.

A good result is the use of slightly warmed vegetable oil. It solves three problems at once:

1. Purification of the epithelium.

2. His moisturizing.

3. Filling it with nutrients.

The oil is simply applied to a cotton pad and cleanses the skin of the face. Peeling immediately becomes less noticeable.

At this time of year it is just necessary to carry out the procedure of scrubbing, to arrange gommazhi. Then you will be able to avoid the gray complexion characteristic of the tanning stage.

Spend cosmetic procedures in the evening, if it is cleansing. Especially it concerns the use of scrubs. It is desirable that until the time of going out onto the street there would be at least an hour. Then a small characteristic damage will be eliminated.

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