How to choose a face cream after 45 years

How to choose a face cream after 45 years
At present, shop windows of cosmetics simply burst with a lot of tubes and jars, which promise to slow down the aging process. Such aids should be provided by every woman. But their choice should be approached wisely.

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At this age, problems that first appeared in 30 years, begin to worsen significantly. In Balzac's age, experts advise to already familiar means to add serums and creams that give the effect of Botox. It helps to relax the muscles of the face, because their excessive tone and leads to the formation of wrinkles. Typically, such drugs should not be applied to the whole face, but to specific areas, for example, on the forehead, nose bridge, nasolabial folds. In these places, wrinkles appear most often. But such a misfortune as "crow's feet" with such creams is not treated.

Also, creams should be used that contain an ingredient such as hexapeptide. On the package in the composition, it can be indicated as adenosine or as argirelin. This substance, which is obtained from the peptide, blocks any neuromuscular contractions. As a result, facial wrinkles are smoothed, though not all. Such drugs also stimulate the production of elastin and collagen by the body, which also contribute to skin renewal. After the beginning of the application of such creams, the result will be noticeable, only after four to five weeks. The effect lasts up to four months, which is significantly less than with Botox injections. But the face from the cream will look much more natural.

It must be remembered that these drugs, which are muscle relaxants, in no case can not interfere with other cosmetics. In addition, these products can not be used in pregnancy and lactation. It is undesirable to use them also up to 25 years and for an extended period of time.

Another problem of this female age is gravity. Under the influence of this factor, the skin, which is gradually losing its tone, begins to move down. In the end, even thin women begin to suffer unpleasant fraying, and the face oval loses its former shape and clarity. Creams with pronounced lifting effect will help to cope with such undesirable phenomena. They often contain vitamins A and C, as well as biloba extract.

Save the freshness on the threshold of the half-century anniversary can help specialists, cosmetologists. If they turn out to be powerless, the specialists of plastic surgery will come to the rescue. In cosmetology, in addition to germ cells, stem cells that have similar properties also now spread. Drugs that have these substances in their composition, you can begin to apply as early as 30 years.

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