How to choose a dress case in 2018 year

How to choose a dress case in 2018 year
Whatever the figure, it can always be adjusted with the help of clothes. One of the universal styles recognized is the dress case. Experts in the field of fashion are sure that such a thing should be in the wardrobe of every woman. Before choosing a dressing case, it is necessary to clearly represent that this is. A unique model will be appropriate both in the office and at the party.

A small dress and not only black

In the modern version, the case looks like a dress, rather tight-fitting figure and emphasizing its shape. Do not confuse this model with an extreme mini, supplemented with a mind-boggling decollete, and anatomically distinguish all parts of the body.

The dress case is elegant clothing, often without a sleeve, with a moderate round neckline. Although sometimes there is a flashlight sleeve, a V-neck and a small collar. The decoration of such a style is often served by ruffles, fringe, asymmetrical bottom.

Prototype of the case is a small black dress Chanel, invented in 1928 year. True, the famous Koko believed that the knees – the most unattractive place in the female body and preferred to hide them. A modern dress can be a case both of classical length below the knees, and shorter.

How to understand the nuances

In fact, it's quite easy to choose such a model, as it will decorate any figure. Answering the question, to whom is the dress of the case, you can say with confidence – all. It is only necessary to slightly adjust it to the standards of its forms.

For example, if you have a weak waistline, you must choose a model with a slightly inflated belt or displace this line with a belt. Also it is necessary to choose a dress even on a palm above knees to visually extend legs.

For girls with full hips, a variation of the dress of the case that is not too narrow from below is suitable. To divert attention from the bulk of the lower body, it is worth choosing a model with a small sleeve flashlight or putting on a large necklace and earrings.

Full women, wondering who goes to dress the case think that this style is created only for slender and tall. This is not true. This model is very nice looking on pyshechkah if they choose muted colors or a light dress with dark side inserts. A small sleeve will help to hide full hands. But too open and extremely short models are really better left to the thin ones.

Too thin girls are also often shy, not daring to choose a dress case. They think that in a tight-fitting model they will not look very appetizing. On the contrary, by emphasizing his slenderness with a tight-fitting dress, wearing shoes on the hairpin and relevant accessories – a neck scarf, a string of pearls, laconic earrings – you can look much more elegant than in a baggy robe.

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