How to choose a deodorant

How to choose a deodorant
Choice deodorant Is certainly an important step. After all, deodorant can both save us in many situations, and vice versa, put in an awkward position. On the shelves of stores a huge assortment of antiperspirants, deodorants and antiperspirant deodorants is presented. And so the choice of the right one deodorant for many becomes a problem.

Для начала внимательно изучите, для чего предназначены эти виды дезодорантов и определитесь, какой конкретно вам нужен. Так deodorant It is designed to block the smell of sweat with the help of its strong fresh fragrance. It will suit you, if you do not suffer from severe sweating and do not engage in sports or some kind of heavy physical labor.

Sweat itself is odorless. Only when the action of bacteria begins, there is an unpleasant smell. Therefore, if you did not take a shower and washed away the sweat, then in no case should you try to drown his smell with deodorant. Это приведет к обратному эффекту.

Often deodorants contain not only alcohol, but also other bactericidal substances, for example, farnesol and triclosan. Triclosan is fighting against microbes, but it also destroys useful bacteria along with harmful bacteria. Farnesol performs almost the same actions, only with less intensity.

Antiperspirant regulates sweating. This is a definite plus for people with increased sweating. But this means also has a significant disadvantage. It clogs the pores, preventing the skin from breathing. This can lead to irritation. To prevent this from happening, you need to adhere to the rules of hygiene, wash off the antiperspirant from the skin and apply it to clean, dry skin.

Deodorant antiperspirant has qualities deodorant и antiperspirant Simultaneously. It regulates sweating and has a strong and pleasant smell. Today it is the most popular and effective. Deodorants can be of different types: spray, stick, ball-point deodorant, cream, gel, powder.

Spray will be an excellent option when playing sports, as well as with an active sweating. Cream, gel, ball deodorant – soft and pleasant means, but with increased sweating they will be ineffective. Talc can be used by those who suffer from allergies to perfumes. Perfumed talcs well absorb sweat, but can dry the skin and leave white traces on clothes.

Having decided with a view deodorant and the preferred method of applying it, select its brand. Maybe you have a favorite brand парфюмерии, которая также выпускает и различные дезодоранты. Либо вы предпочтете опробовать продукцию другой марки.

Decide aromatic deodorant непосредственно в торговой точке. Здесь сложно что-то порекомендовать, выбирайте на свой вкус.

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